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1962.01 Standard stainless steel needle valve

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Designation Stainless Steel Standard Needle Valve
Model 1962.01
Applications Intended to isolate the pressure gauge from the measured fluid or to provide a means of throttling or dampening pressure pulsation
Pressure rating 10000psi
Operating Temperature Media: max. 450℉ (+232℃) Min. -65℉ (-54℃)
Flow Rate Hard seat models Max.Cv=0.44
Handle T type 304 stainless steel,
Handle bolt 304 stainless steel
Dust cap Plastic
Locking Nut 304 stainless steel
Packing bolt 316 stainless steel
Packing Gland 316 stainless steel
Packing washer 316 stainless steel
Packing TEFLON as standard,viton for option
Bonnet 316 stainless steel
Valve stem 316 stainless steel, hard seat
Valve Body 316 stainless steel
Stop pin 304 stainless steel
Stem seat 316 stainless steel, metal to metal sealing
Orifice size 0.185 inches (4.7mm)
Connection 1/2"NPT male x female
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