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Open up new areas for better instrumentation opportunities

Update:14 Apr 2018

At present, the problems in China's instrumentation ind […]

At present, the problems in China's instrumentation industry are mainly reflected in low scientific and technological content, poor innovation capability, low product quality and reliability, and low competitiveness in the international market. And these problems ultimately point to the development of science and technology in the field of industry, personnel training, application and market development. These aspects are also the focus of China's efforts to solve the instrumentation industry and promote the future development of the industry.

From the aspect of science and technology development, China needs to increase technical investment and innovation to adapt to the future trend of high automation and intelligence. Therefore, automation control technology, automated detection technology, safety instrumentation technology, sensor technology, wireless technology, etc. will all become important points for future efforts and breakthroughs. Through continuous improvement of technology and product innovation, we will further develop from the low-end to the high-end areas, so as to further compete with foreign companies in the market.
The innovation and development of science and technology are inseparable from professionals, and the training of instrumentation professionals is very important. At present, some educational institutions in China do not attach importance to the curriculum setting of instrument and meter specialties, and few professional skills training institutions for instrumentation and metering have led to extremely lack of instrumentation professionals. This is also the biggest bottleneck and resistance in China's scientific and technological innovation and other areas. Therefore, increasing investment in R&D in the future and cultivating professional talents will be a major problem that needs to be resolved in the future.
Expanding the application fields and market channels of the instrumentation industry is also of great significance for the development of the instrumentation industry. At present, instruments and meters have been fully used in the traditional industries, especially in metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. In the future, they will also expand into emerging industries such as food and drug safety, Internet of things, and smart grids. The expansion of these new areas has also brought great opportunities for the development of the instrumentation industry.


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