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P01 Safety valve/back pressure valve

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Product description

Safety valveThe diaphragm and valve core are pressed against the valve seat by the internal spring.When the pressure in the system pipeline exceeds thepreset pressure,the diaphragm and the min core are pushed up,and the medium is discharged to the return pipe and container,which can beadjusted on site The screw uses the pressure gauge in the pipeline to set the pressure in the range of 0-1.0Mpa.The relief pressure is generallyset to be higher than the system pressure 0.1-0.2Mpa.The pressure adjustment of the safety valve is not allowed to exceed the maximum pressureof the pump.The installation is generally as close as possible to the pump.At the outlet,there should be no valve between the pump and the safetyvalve to protect the safety of the pump and the normal operation of the system.

Back pressure valve

Installed on the positive pressure discharge pipeline of the metering pump or diaphragm pump to prevent the occurrence of siphon phenomenon,eliminate the change of the dosage due to the pressure fluctuation of the dosage as to ensure the dosage accuracy of the pump.Cap.rotate the adjusting screw.adjust to the required pressure with the help of the pressure gauge in the pipeline.and set the back pressure in therange of 0-0.6Mpa through the adjusting screw.Used in conjunction with a pulse damper to reduce water hammerdamage to the system,maintaina certain constant pressure from the pump outlet to the back pressure valve, and keep the system folw rate constant.


Release the pipeline pressure to ensure the stability of the system pressure; Product the safety of the pump and the normal operation of the system; Used in conjunction with apulse damper to reduce the harm of water hammer to the system and achieve superior low-vibration adjustment effects; The diaphragm adopts advanced PTFE+Rubber compound technolohy, which is suitable for almost all corrosive fluids and the sealing is reliable and leak-free.

Technical Parameters
Material: UPVC, PP, CPVC. PVDF, sUS304, SUS316L;
Working pressure: 0-1.0MPa, 0.2-1.6MPa
Caliber size: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65;
Connection method: bonding, hot melt welding, threaded, flange;
Diaphragm material: PTFE+rubber composite

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