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P05 Diaphragm type pulse damper

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Product description
Pulsation damper, also known as pulsation damper and pulsation buffer, is a common component to eliminate pipeline pulsation and an accessory that
must be equipped with metering pumps. The pulsation damper can smooth the pulsation of the pipeline and the water hammer of the system caused by the
metering pump. diaphragm pump and other positive displacement pumps. It is separated from the gas and the liquid in the pipeline by a corrosion-resistant
diaphragm, and the pipeline pulsation is smoothed by the change of the volume of the gas chamber.
Shell material: PVC, PP, PVDF, SUS304, SUS316L, etc.
Diaphragm matera: PTFE , FPM, EPDM , NBR.
※Reduce the harm of water hammer to the system.
※Reduce the peak value of flow rate fluctuations.
※Protect pipelines, valves and joints from the impact of pressure fluctuations.
※Create a good working environment for metering pumps and improve pump performance.
※Allow the system to use a smaller pipe diameter and reduce costs.
※Used in conjunction with a back pressure valve, etc., the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline can be close to zero.
※Reduce the energy consumption of the system.
Volume selection of diaphragm damper
The hourly flow rate of the pump + 60 + the number of strokes per minute of the pump x 15 = the minimum volume actully required by the damper, that is,
the metering capacity (ml) of each stroke of the metering pump (or diaphragm pump) multiplied by 15 can be obtained The minimum volume of the damper
required to reduce the pulse by 90%.
Note: (This calculation method is suitable for single-head pulse pumps, and multi-head pumps are discussed separately.)
Working principle
According to Boyle's law P1 V1= P2V2, the volume of the gas is inversely proportional to the pressure of the gas, and the pulsation of the pipeline is smoothed
by changing the volume of the gas. For the system that has a sinusoidal flow velocity, the peak time: the volume of the air chamber becomes smaller, and the
pulse damper absorbs excess flow liquid; the trough time: the volume of the air chamber becomes larger, and the stored liquid is released, so as to achieve
the effect of smooth pulsation.

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