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P10 Flow calibration column

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Product description
The flow calibration column is widely used in the flow calibration of metering pumps and dosing devices, and can accurately calibrate the output
flow of the metering pump. The flow calibration column is also called the flow calibration tube, the main material: transparent UPVC, PVDF
(translucent). Connection methods include internal thread, external thread, and flange.
Flow calibration column selection
The selection of the flow calibration column is determined according to the pump's use flow and calibration time requirements. For example, the
flow rate of the pump is 60L/h, and the customer needs to calibrate the flow rate of 0.5-1min, then the calculated flow rate per minute should be
60L + 60-1L, then you can choose to use a calibration column with a volume of 1L. Press for 30 seconds to make 0.5L volume.

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